How are engines tested in ZETOR?

How are engines tested in ZETOR? October 01, 2020: As one of the few companies in the world, ZETOR develops and manufactures most of its engines directly within the company. Let´s find out how the engines are tested in the article below.

ZETOR presents many innovations at Agritechnica

ZETOR arrived at the 2017 Agritechnica trade fair with a number of innovations. The most eagerly anticipated innovation is the introduction of our first series tractor featuring our attractive new design – the MAJOR HS 80. ZETOR is also showing visitors the new UTILIX and HORTUS tractors with 40 to 70 Hp at the trade fair, which is underway right now. Updated PROXIMA and FORTERRA tractors are also on display. At the trade fair, the company is also addressing partners interested in buying ZETOR components such as engines, transmissions, and powertrain units.

Zetor North America launches new line tractors

Zetor North America launches new line tractors

to meet market demand by introducing a full-line of Sub-Compact, Compact, Compact Utility and HD Utility Series tractors ranging from 22hp to 80hp in multiple configurations.

ZETOR to introduce innovated FORTERRA model range with STAGE IV at National Farm Machinery Show

Brno, February 14, 2017 – ZETOR, the European tractor brand, again introduces its machines in one of the biggest farming shows in the USA – National Farm Machinery Show (NFMS) which takes place on February 15-18, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Tier 4 introduction

Zetor successfully certified their engines over 90 HP for TIER 4 FINAL worldwide.

New MAJOR HS 80 from ZETOR

Brno, December 12, 2016 – Zetor Tractors introduced a brand new model MAJOR HS 80.

Strong, robust and efficient – those are the words to describe the European manufacturer of the ZETOR brand!

ZETOR TRACTORS a.s., a European tractor manufacturer, has been on North American markets for 40 years. Yet, the ZETOR brand has existed since 1946.

FORTERRA HD among the Tractor of the Year 2017 Finalists

9 November 2016, Bologna, Italy - The prestigious Europe-wide Tractor of the Year 2017 contest has announced the winners in the individual categories.

ZETOR brings a new design concept. The project has benefited from cooperation with Pininfarina, a leading global studio.

Brno, 16 October 2015 – The traditional Czech manufacturer of agriculture machinery, ZETOR TRACTORS a.s., is set to introduce a range of innovations at the Agritechnica Fair in Hannover,


For the fourth time, ZETOR TRACTORS is organizing a promotional event for professionals and the general public - the ZETOR TRACTOR SHOW. This year’s event is exceptional, both in terms of the number of individual stops as well as the number of countries visited.

Zetor records year-on-year growth yet again with a profit increase of 7 %

Brno 17th February 2014: Economic results for 2013 published today reveal favourable development for the manufacturer of tractor technology, Zetor Group. According to company information, consolidated profits prior to taxation amounted to 323 million CZK, which translates into year-on-year growth of 7%.

Zetor Major reaps international success – demand exceeds manufacturer’s expectations by almost 60 %

Brno 23rd October 2013: The traditional Czech manufacturer ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. has grasped the situation on the European market in agricultural equipment to perfection.

View from the top: Zetor North America


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Zetor’s Re-Launch Promises Simple, Hard-Working Tractors for Customers, Better Support for Dealers
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Zetor Major heads towards series manufacturing

Brno, February 21, 2013 – This week ZETOR TRACTORS a.s., a well-established producer of agricultural machinery, is beginning serial production of its new tractor Zetor Major.

New at Zetor - the legendary Major returns

The new Major series utility tractors combine Zetor's legendary large capacity, high torque, extremely fuel-efficient engines with a new 12/12 fully synchronized transmisson with synchro shuttle.

New line of tractors starts serial production at Zetor

Brno, 17 July 2012 – This year’s new model, the Zetor Forterra HSX, entered serial production in June. The first finished tractors are heading to the USA. Orders for the new line have also been coming in from the Czech Republic, England, Holland, and Poland. The first Zetor Forterra HSX tractor left the assembly line on June 25. Among the model’s main innovations is the power shuttle feature, which greatly contributes to the increased comfort of the tractor operator.

FORTERRA HSX, now available

The new Forterra HSX is the most advanced tractor series we ever built. The HSX series is powered by the new 16-valve, high torque, high efficiency engine. Independent tests show that the new Zetor engine is one of the most fuel-efficient engines ever designed for a tractor. At today's fuel prices, this represents fuel savings of $2 to $3 per hour over an average engine of this size.

Zetor Forterra 135 - farmers from all over the world attest to its’ low fuel consumption!

The Zetor Forterra 135 model with the new 16 valve engine is not only recognized by industry experts but also by professional farmers who use it daily. Actual data received from American farmer, M. Harper- Ky, praises the low fuel consumption.

New in 2012

Zetor Forterra tractors have traditionally been used for tillage by demanding professional farmers. No wonder, Zetor is the first tractor brand in the world introducing the new revolutionary "Hitchtronic" system. The new system employs intelligent software which continuously adjusts the three-point hitch, reacting to ever-changing soil conditions much faster than any other system currently in use. Expect increased productivity by up to 5% or more and reduced fuel consumption with less effort than ever before.

New Dealer Opportunities

Zetor North America (ZNA) is one the most noticed tractor lines with aggressive models built to go to work! What we mean here is, this is the one to take out of the barnyard and work like a rented mule all day long, then do it again tomorrow! With a reputation of durability, low maintenance costs and industry high fuel efficiency, this is a tractor purchase which will pay for itself many times over! 

Long awaited book on the history of Zetor tractors

The book is an illustrated history of Zetor. An account of the impressive development of Czech engineering and one of the best known Czechoslovakian industrial groups, Zbrojovka Brno, tells the fascinating story of how an arms manufacturer in Brno, the “Manchester” of Moravia, turned to a tractor maker after World War II.

The Zetor Group and its continuous success

The Zetor Group, traditional Czech manufacturer of tractor machinery, achieved in the first half of the year 2011 consolidated profit before tax in the amount of CZK 54 million. However, the most important reward was the success in a tough test conducted by the German Agricultural Society (DLG), according to which the Zetor Forterra 135 with a new 16-valve engine is one of the most fuel-efficient tractors on the market.

Zetor Forterra 135 – extremely efficient engines break records and win prestigious awards

The Zetor Forterra 135 tractor with a new 16-valve engine has won one of the most prestigious awards in a tough test conducted by the German Agricultural Society (DLG).

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