Why Zetor

The Zetor brand represents tradition, quality and Competitively priced products and services.
The brand's philosophy is loyalty to its customers, listening to their requirements, innovation and extension of its equipment offering. Zetor has been a synonym for Performance, Endurance and Total cost of ownership for 74 years. These attributes have become the main pillars of the brand.


The power of Zetor tractors can be fully used thanks to the structurally best combination of the engine performance and the tractor weight.


The maximum emphasis on simplicity, smart and purposeful design leads to the reliability and long life of Zetor tractors. Hand in hand with easy maintenance and quick service.


The operating costs for Zetor tractors can hardly be beaten. The tractors benefit from low fuel consumption and ow cost of operation.

#1 More than 1.4 million satisfied customers worldwide

Over 1.4 million Zetor tractors, which have been exported to more than 90 countries worldwide, have been manufactured since the beginning of the production of Zetor tractors in 1946.

#2 Developed and manufactured in the heart of Central Europe

Manufacturing and production of Zetor tractors and engines is concentrated in the heart of Central Europe, located in Brno, Czech Republic.  This gives Zetor full control and advantage over design, manufacturing and assembly and further contributes to the development of current and future innovations.

#3 Zetor design and manufacture of Engines, Transmissions, Cabs and Internal Components

ZETOR supplies world markets with not only complete agricultural tractors, but also internal components used to build other equipment around the world.

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