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ZETOR genuine spare parts

Zetor North America is the North American subsidiary of Zetor company. No other company in North America is associated with Zetor by any means. Zetor North America supplies only genuine Zetor spare parts.

Sales and service network

Call us at 877-469-3867
with your parts needs or write us using the form bellow.

Same-day shipping from main warehouse in Jacksonville, FL

Overnight delivery available to any U.S. address. One or two-day delivery available to any canadian address.

22,000 line items constantly in stock in North America.

Genuine parts in stock for all Zetor models sold since 1970's.

7 reasons why to choose Zetor spare parts

  • 15,000 line items are in stock in North America.
  • Any other of 50,000+ line items can be delivered into our U.S. warehouse in 48 hours.
  • We have all know-how about its installation.
  • Where necessary, we supply parts with installation instructions.
  • Our customers also have unlimited access to our technicians with decades of Zetor parts and service experience.
  • Our tech care is ready to help you during regular business hours or outside.
  • All Zetor genuine parts carry 1 year warranty.

Zetor also manufactured tractors under brand names AGRIPOWER 5000, AGRIPOWER 7000, LONG 900, LONG 910, LONG 1100, LONG 1300, LONG 1310 and LONG 1540. Full line of genuine parts is available in our warehouses. Zetor facility also services all injection equipment installed in Zetor tractors. Contact us by e-mail: service@zetorna.com. For help with installation of parts supplied by Zetor North America.

Genuine Zetor parts are only available from an authorised Zetor dealer

Starting in 2013, Zetor company does not supply genuine parts to any other entity so almost none of parts supplied by independent parts distributors found on the internet were not manufactured by Zetor and no guarantees can be made they will actually work, be safe and not damage your tractor. There is a lot of engineering know-how and quality control involved in parts production and only original manufactures (OEM) poses that kind of expertise. Zetor strongly discourages our customers from using inferior quality aftermarket parts. The price difference is far smaller than the difference in quality and durability. In addition, in most jobs, labor cost is greater than parts cost. If it takes 5 hours to replace failed aftermarket part for the second time, who pays for that time?

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