Petlas tyres – radial tractor tyres for general use


Petlas tyres – radial tractor tyres for general use


Petlas Company is a holder of ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate and AQAP-110 Quality Assurance Requirements for Design, Development & Production certificate. The company was set up in 1976 with the aim to supply tyres for air force planes. At present, the company produces tyres for passenger cars, trucks, off-road cars, farming, industry and construction machines and aircraft industry. It is active in more than 100 countries.


Petlas offers farming tyres with high-quality treatment, excellent technology, unique design and amazing performance. It is a combination of high quality and affordable price. The success of the company builds on surpassing customers’ expectations. Petlas proudly stands up for everything they do. Their aim is to establish long-term relationships with their customers via providing outstanding service and quality and standing up to their promises.


·         Petlas tyres offer long durability. A special mixture of the tread ensures excellent wear and cut protection. The tread profile improves resistance towards wear fatigue of tread casing.

·         Great self-cleaning function.

·         Wear and tear tests in ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. calculated a quantifiable difference in comparison with Mitas tyres. Petlas tyres manifested by 15% less average wear than Mitas tyres. You can see the results of the test in Appendix 1.

·         Low rolling resistance of Petlas tyres result in maximum fuel saving. The unique tread design provides outstanding traction and ensures maximum performance.

·         Larger surface area reduces soil compaction.

·         Special design improves flotation in soft terrain and makes driving more comfortable in all situations, as Petlas states.



Comparison test of PETLAS and MITAS tyres


·         Test compared tyres PETLAS TA 110 and MITAS AC 85 with dimensions 340/85 R24 on front wheels and 420/85 R34 on rear wheels.

·         All tests were carried out on Proxima CL tractor with engine power of 81 kW.

·         Measurements in ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. proved that there is no major influence on overall characteristics of the tractor as opposed to Mitas tyres.

 Appendix 1: Tyre average wear (difference before and after the test):




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