Specifications HD Series Tractors

Parameters Values
Transmission Design 30/30 Power Reverser
Transmission Features Powershift, Auto or Manual Select Mode; Electronic DeClutch 
Transmission Clutch Multi-Disc Wet Clutch Packs
Power Take-Off (PTO) 540/540E/1000/1000E
PTO Engagement Electro-Hydraulic
PTO Clutch Multi-Disc Wet Clutch Pack
CAT II/IIIN  3-Point Hitch HD Telescopic Stabilizers, HD Quick Hitch Lower Ends 
Drawbar HD Sliding and Swinging with Hammer Strap
3-Point Hitch Control ELC (HITCHTRONIC™) Controls, Position • Draft • Mix, Fender Button Controls
3-Point Hitch Lift Capacity 18,400 lbs @ Hitch Point / 14,400 lbs @ 24“ Behind Hitch Point
Hydraulic Flow to Remotes 23 gpm
Rear Valves 4 Sets, Electronic Control with Flow Dividers and Flow Control
Total Hydraulic Flow 30 gpm
QA MSL Front End Loader ZM248
Standard Loader Features Self-Leveling; Third Function;  Soft-Ride; Hydraulic Tool Carrier Lock
Loader Lifting Height @ Pivot Point 162 in.
Loader Max Lift Capacity @ Pivot Point 6,430 lbs
Tractor Weight (Without Loader) 13,475 lbs