For the fourth time, ZETOR TRACTORS is organizing a promotional event for professionals and the general public - the ZETOR TRACTOR SHOW. This year’s event is exceptional, both in terms of the number of individual stops as well as the number of countries visited. Visitors can look forward to 120 separate events in 20 different countries. The fourfold increase over last year in the number of visited countries goes to prove how popular these shows have been with customers of the Zetor brand. The entire tractor portfolio and selected accessories can be seen and tested.

The ZETOR TRACTOR SHOW kicked off on 3 March, 2014 in Holland, from where it has travelled to France, Belgium and Hungary. Thanks to tremendous interest from visitors, organizers have doubled the number of promotracks. Compared to previous years, the tractor show is visiting numerous countries for the first time, such as Ireland, Greece and Sweden.

By clicking on http://www.zetor.com/tractorshow, you can find a complete list of places where the show will be stopping.

The main theme of the ZETOR TRACTOR SHOW 2014 is total cost of ownership, which is one of the brand’s three pillars.

Adam Žert, Sales and Marketing Director for ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. adds, “Total cost of ownership permeates the entire philosophy of the company, and is also one of the key criteria for us when choosing business partners. Customers can come and find out the truth themselves at the current ZETOR TRACTOR SHOW, where they’ll be able to see tractors with Zetor engines achieving really efficient fuel economy”.

What can visitors expect at these shows? Specifically, they’ll find the most powerful Forterra model tractor series, which includes the Forterra HSX with its 16V motor design, saving farmers up to 2.9 litres of fuel for every hour of operation. Neither will they miss out on tractors from the Proxima series or the Zetor Major, one of the brand’s most successful models ever. Also on view will be new accessories supplied under the Zetor System brand.

This traditional travelling promotional event was first launched by ZETOR TRACTORS in 2011 to mark the celebration of 65 years of the Zetor brand. Over the next few years, the organizers have extended the list of destinations and the number of team members organizing the tractor show. Great success with specialists and the general public has confirmed just how important face to face contact with the customer truly is. In the course of its short history, the ZETOR TRACTOR SHOW can boast almost 20 000 visitors.


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