Zetor records year-on-year growth yet again with a profit increase of 7 %

Brno 17th February 2014: Economic results for 2013 published today reveal favourable development for the manufacturer of tractor technology, Zetor Group. According to company information, consolidated profits prior to taxation amounted to 323 million CZK, which translates into year-on-year growth of 7%. Such solid results can be attributed to interest in the latest models as well as streamlining of production.

“We consider consolidated profit prior to taxation as a solid result which, among others, is credit to the stability of the Zetor group. What’s more we were able to achieve this growth despite the somewhat unfavourable situation affecting agricultural technology during the second half of the year,” Deputy CEO and Operations Director at ZETOR TRACTORS a.s., Marián Lipovský revealed. “Several factors account for the interest in tractor technology including a decrease in grants and developments in weather conditions,” Lipovský added.

Consolidated Zetor Group sales remain stable at the same level as in 2012, i.e. at a value of 4.5 billion CZK.

Zetor tractors have performed especially well abroad. 86% of production was intended for foreign markets in 2013 whereby the most prominent destinations during the year included the likes of the US, Great Britain, Hungary, Lithuania, Georgia, Poland and Scandinavia. Zetor tractors have climbed the popularity ladder in terms of their high quality as well as low maintenance and running costs.

Zetor tractors are also proving to be popular among Czech and Slovak customers. Whereas a total of 8% of tractors manufactured in 2012 were recorded on both of these markets, in 2013 this figure jumped to 14%. In terms of the share they assume on the Czech market, Zetor brand tractors rank as the clear winner in the 61-140 horsepower performance category – significantly ahead of other brands.

A newcomer in 2013, the Zetor Major model proved to be a great success. Demand significantly surpassed the manufacturer’s original expectations. The original estimates for launching series production in February 2013 amounted to 900 tractors however this figure extended to a total of 1,300 tractors by the end of the year. Meanwhile, the Zetor Major 80 emerged as the most widely sold model in 2013 from all the brands and performance categories in Poland.

“Looking ahead we aim to work on expanding our product portfolio in the most effective way possible and enhancing this by introducing new models in the existing ranges. We are also constantly innovating and improving the quality of our product and its individual parts to ensure our tractors meet the expectations of demanding customers,” Marián Lipovský concludes.

You can find more detailed information about the Zetor brand and their products on www.zetor.com.

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