Zetor Major reaps international success – demand exceeds manufacturer’s expectations by almost 60 %

Brno 23rd October 2013: The traditional Czech manufacturer ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. has grasped the situation on the European market in agricultural equipment to perfection. Thanks to the growing popularity of simpler and cheaper tractors, which at the same time manage to remain incredibly reliable, its latest model, the Zetor Major is celebrating unprecedented success. Demand has exceeded the manufacturer’s initial expectations by almost 60 % with 1 400 new model tractors to be manufactured in Brno until the end of the year. On launching series manufacturing this February, initial estimates amounted to just 900 tractors. Those most interested in the new model are small family farms, while aside from the traditional markets, this model is also proving to be popular in Great Britain and the USA.

“Reports are currently coming through of a decline in terms of business from the former traditional tractor clients from the higher performance category found large European markets. This includes Great Britain, Germany and Scandinavian countries. As a reliable tractor with a long operating life and an excellent price/performance ratio, in the performance category up to 80 horsepower, the Zetor Major fully responds to the needs of a range of customers on these and other markets,” Deputy CEO and Director of Operations at ZETOR TRACTORS a.s Marián Lipovský revealed earlier on today speaking at the 10th expert conference on the subject of: “Anticipated development of the automotive industry in the Czech Republic and Central Europe”

“Tractors which are reliable, easy to control and undemanding in terms of maintenance and running costs fall into a segment which we have longstanding experience in. We are really pleased to see that the trust and interest of customers are proof of this,” Marián Lipovský adds.

Zlatá plaketa At the 10th professional conference on Expected Development in the Automotive Industry in the Czech Republic and Central Europe, ZETOR TRACTORS won a gold plaque in the category of Automotive manufacturer of the decade/tractor manufacturer.

Zetor reflects customers’ requirements

In response to the changing market in the category of simpler and cheaper models, competition is mounting considerably both from the production of traditional competitors as well as from a whole host of cheap Asian products. Zetor Major is competitive thanks to the reliable Zetor engine and European technical design.

“Looking ahead, we aim to position ourselves more as a manufacturer of sophisticated tractors with a higher technical standard which for the customer translates into a rational compromise between price and added value,” Marián Lipovský explains.

The current Zetor range is based on three model series encompassing performance categories from 70 to 140 horsepower. “Both our own as well as external developers are currently putting together new models and are planning for Zetor to present up to six model ranges covering the performance spectrum from 50 to 200 horsepower within five years,” Marián Lipovský says elaborating further on the plans.

You can find more detailed information about the Zetor brand and its products on www.zetor.com.

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