Front loaders

In order to offer you a high-quality solution for your daily work, ZETOR TRACTORS Company started to cooperate with a distinguished producer from Sweden - Ålö AB.


ZX series

ZX loaders are designed to deliver the best possible productivity and user benefits over a long period of time. Numerous unique features combine to give the ZX loaders their renowned reliability and service life.

  • 01

    Superb visibility

    No pipes that block visibility, low placement of Cross tubes. The ZX loader enables optimum visibility in all situations, including in the dark, as the tractor lights are not blocked.

  • 02

    Maximum lifting power

    Solidly dimensioned loader arms and pins and optimally dimensioned cylinders are factors which significantly contribute to ZX’s great lifting capacity. Mechanical parallel linkage gives even more power.

  • 03


    Dimensioned cylinders, subframe system, bearing box, etc. Some examples of details that contribute to ZX’s recognised high level of durability and long service life.

  • 04

    Attention to detail

    Reinforcement plates are placed strategically to give additional strength and durability to all loaders.

Basic parameters of ZX series loaders without parralel linkage

MODEL ZX1.1 ZX2.1 ZX3.1 ZX4.1
Max. rollback angle 41° 44° 43° 46°
Max. dump angle 64° 58° 60° 56°
Lift height 3,20 m 3,50 m 3,75 m 4,00 m
Lifting force 2 280 kg 2 310 kg 2 810 kg 2 920 kg
Loader weight 436 kg 450 kg 515 kg 554 kg
Model of tractors MAJOR CL MAJOR HS PROXIMA CL Proxima CL Proxima HS Proxima HS Forterra CL Forterra HSX Forterra CL Forterra HSX Forterra HD
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ZL series

High working capacity, combined with leading safety and work environment benefits. Every detail has been designed after maximum consideration, in order to make loading as simple, safe and effective as possible.

  • 01

    Strong subframe & bearing box

    The heavy-duty dimensions of the subframe are the same as on ZX loaders. Together with the inwardly curved design of the bearing box, this gives the ZL loader a formidable torsional rigidity and stability.

  • 02

    Smart practical design

    The design of the loader beam means that the ZL loader matches today’s modern tractors in a unique manner. The fact that it has the lowest knee placement on the market also means that it has superb side visibility.

  • 03

    Quick and simple to connect and disconnect

    No tools are needed to disconnect from your ZL loader. The solid, smooth and integrated support legs further simplify connection and disconnection.

  • 04

    Drive as hard as you want, as smoothly as possible

    SoftDrive load-reducing suspension function minimises strain on the loader and subframe, as well as on the driver and tractor. You activate the SoftDrive with a manual stopcock.

Basic parameters of ZL series loaders without parralel linkage

Max. rollback angle 42° 44° 42° 43°
Max. dump angle 50° 50° 49° 49°
Lift height 3,10 m 3,40 m 3,70 m 3,90 m
Lifting force 2 360 kg 2 510 kg 2 730 kg 2 940 kg
Loader weight 310 kg 335 kg 360 kg 390 kg
Model of tractors MAJOR CL MAJOR HS MAJOR CL MAJOR HS Proxima CL Proxima HS Proxima CL Proxima HS Forterra CL Forterra HSX Forterra CL Forterra HSX Forterra HD
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