Drum mowers

Zetor Drum Mowers ZTR165/185

The Smart Inexpensive Disc Mower Alternative

ZETOR SYSTEM drum mowers are built to last. A 10-20 year life span is common. We have been building them for over 30 years in our world-class manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic using only top quality materials. The quality of our drum mowers is unmatched by any competitor.

These proven drum mowers became very popular through the years due to their literally unmatched sturdiness and extremely long lasting, trouble-free and maintenance-free operation.

Hundreds of thousands have been sold all around the world. Zetor system drum mowers in use for ten or twenty years are no exceptions. Because of their mechanical robustness, these mowers can mow even the heaviest types of grasses and forage crops. At the same time, they can be operated at higher speeds so their productivity is much higher than anyone would expect from a 6 feet wide mower.

As always with Zetor equipment, Zetor system 165/185 mowers represent more value for your money. In fact, their price-performance relation makes the Zetor system drum mowers a class of its own. The blade location on the outside of large diameter drums creates very high blade speed, efficiently cutting just about any type of grass or forage. The drums are precisely balanced for a smooth, vibration-free run.

Tough, long lasting, easy-to-replace wear discs are freewheeling at the bottom of the mower drums. The carefully selected suspension spring reduces down pressure.

The drums are driven by a heavy duty gearbox equipped with quiet bevel gears. Simple gearbox design with a minimum number of moving parts is one of the features that make this mower virtually maintenance-free. The gearbox is filled with grease, rather than oil, eliminating any chances of leaks and allowing the mower to work on slopes. The high location of the gearbox also protects it from mechanical damage.

The metal hood resists abuse as well as heavy snow during winter storage. Metal rails around the safety curtain protect the most exposed areas of the curtain, extending its life considerably.

Switching from working to transport position is effortless. On models 165 and 185, just swing the mower back (no hydraulic outlets required on the tractor). Model 185H uses hydraulic cylinder to lift the mower up. The breakaway safety system protects the mower when a drum hits an obstacle. Semi-automatic belt tensioning cuts maintenance time. Blades are reversible and twisted for a high quality cut and increased safety. Blades are mounted on large diameter pins and retained by a proven quick-release system for quick change.

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