Front end loaders

The all-new ZETOR system 120K, 120SLi and 260SLi loaders have been designed specifically for Zetor Major, Proxima, Proxima Power and Forterra series tractors. Therefore, there are no compromises in the ZETOR system loader design. Every ZETOR system loader is a perfect match with ZETOR tractor, providing exceptional strength, high lifting speed, solid performance and long term reliability in a compact format, all that in the traditional very high level of craftsmanship. ZETOR system loaders incorporate many special features not found on any other loader.


The base model 120K is an elegant, rugged low profile loader suitable for all Major, Proxima and Proxima Power models. Compared to the previous generation, it has reinforced boom, greater lifting height and faster bucket dump and rollback.


The 120SLi is also a very rugged low profile loader, but it is equipped with mechanical self-leveling. It is also fitted with additional linkage between the loader and the bucket, to substantially increase the rollback and dump angle and speed. It fits all Proxima and Proxima Power tractors.


Zetor 260SLi is a high capacity, high performance self-leveling loader custom designed for Zetor Forterra Series tractors.

framesMassive mounting frames are 1” thick, weigh over 1,000 pounds and each side extends as one welded piece over the entire length of the tractor. Such design reduces the load on tractor powertrain, ensuring long-term stability in professional use. Few bolted joints also mean reduced maintenance.

loader-boomsLoader booms are made of high strength steel (yield strength 73,000 psi) and have a large-size torque tube welded to the boom using two additional heavy back plates on each side (model 120SLi shown). This makes the loader very resistant to twisting even in the most demanding applications.
On models 120SLi and 260 SLi, the optional 3rd and 4th functions and pressure accumulator (“Soft-Ride”) are also integrated inside the torque tube..

boomsLoader boom arms are manufactured by Zetor’s unique technology using just one longitudinal weld. In addition to smooth appearance, this design also improves fatigue strength of the boom.

cepThree-layer bushings with grease fittings are used at all moving points, providing long life and easy replacement.

custom-designCustom designed for ZETOR tractors, ZETOR system loaders impose minimal restriction to ZETOR's very tight 55 degree turning angle (even on 4WD models with front fenders).

decalamiteAll grease fittings are safely and conveniently accessible from the sides with a common grease gun while the loader is lowered to ground.

jiy-stickThe location for the heavy-duty all-metal joystick was carefully selected to provide the best operator's comfort. The joystick position is adjustable to suit operator’s needs. On models 120SLi and 260 SLi, joystick can be quickly tilted forward to allow unrestricted access to the seat from the right side. The joystick can accommodate up to three switches to control additional functions.
Zetor loaders use a high precision hydraulic valve with soft return springs, which allows for more precise joystick control (joystick moves very easily).

Quick mount and unmount - within seconds and with no tools. On models 120SLi and 260 SLi, loader stands release on a push of a button and automatically adjust in height for easy and safe parking on uneven ground. When the loader is detached, the mounting frame leaves good access for tractor maintenance, virtually as if there was no loader on the tractor at all. The hydraulic valve stays on the tractor for multi-purpose uses.


Loader standsLoader stands on models 120SLi and 260SLi have push button release.



Buckets and other attachments have the proven quick-attach Euro tool carrier. To attach the bucket, there is no need to leave the seat. The latch position indicator is clearly visible from the seat.

self-levelingLoader models 120SLi and 260 SLi are equipped with true mechanical self-leveling. The attachments stay at the same angle throughout the entire lifting range of the loader. This is especially handy when using pallet forks, but it is practical with any other attachment. Operators who have tried a good self-leveling loader will never go back to a loader without this feature.



The mechanical self-leveling is superior to any hydraulic self-leveling system. Since it is a pure mechanical device, it is very precise under any working conditions, regardless of the load, oil temperature or any other factor. Unlike many hydraulic self-leveling systems, the Zetor true mechanical system works both during lifting and during lowering of the loader.
The self-leveling system is completely service-free.




hydraulicLoader hydraulics are designed specifically for ZETOR tractors and do not occupy any of tractor quick couplers.

Own cylinderThe available third and forth function kits can easily be added to any Zetor loader. Each kit comes with a pair of quick couplers. Attachments with their own cylinder, such as grapple fork, can be controlled by a push button in the joystick.

Pressure accumulatorOptional pressure accumulator makes the ride more comfortable. It can be turned on and off as needed either by a mechanical valve or by an electric valve controlled directly from by a push button built into the joystick.

Zetor System Loader Attachments

Standard bucket:

73 in. (capacity 19 cu.ft struck level)

Optional buckets:

84 in. (capacity 21.5 cu.ft struck level);
93 in. (24.5 cu.ft);
large capacity snow bucket (94 in., 46 cu.ft)
Other buckets and tools (not shown) are available on special order. All tools are interchangeable with tools used on all other Zetor system loaders and on all loaders equipped with “EURO” system tool carrier.
Blank plate sets are available to weld on your old attachments, to make them compatible with Zetor system quick-attach tool carrier.

Third and forth functions and pressure accumulator (“Soft-Ride”), with or without shutoff valve, are available as options.

Other available attachments:

manure bale-lifts palet-forks

  1. Manure For s, 59 in. wide. 25 in. long tines.
  2. Bale lift with 44 in. easy penetrating spear.
  3. Pallet for s (43.5 in. long) with heavy duty forged forks.


dimensional sketch
LOADER MODEL: 120K 120SLi 260SLi
Mechanical self-leveling NO YES YES
A Maximum Lift Height (in) 130 139 155
B Clearance with Bucket Dumped (in) 121 100 120
C Reach at Maximum Height (in) 23 28 26
D Maximum Dump Angle (deg) 40 70 70
E Reach on Ground (in) 73 92 101
F Bucket Rollback Angle (deg) 15 45 42
G Digging Depth (in) 5 6 3
Lift Capacity to Full Height (lb)
- at pivot points (loader w/o bucket) 4600 3600 4070
- 31.5" ahead of pivot (with bucket attached) 2600 2400 2750
Breakout Force (lb)
- at pivot points (loader w/o bucket) 5800 5000 5830
- 31.5" ahead of pivot (with bucket attached) 3600 3800 3800
Raising Time 4,5 5 5
Bucket dump time (sec) 4,5 3,5 3,5
Bucket rollback time (sec) 3 3,5 3,5
Weight with 73" bucket (lb) 2150 2750 3050

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